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When NOT to buy research paper online?

Every student knows the difficult times in their course when deadlines loom and essays and assignments are just not ready. For many students in this situation one alternative is to buy a research paper online. Of course this is not necessarily the ideal solution and particularly so if things go wrong. So how can a student protect themselves when setting out to buy a research paper online?

When the price is too low

There is an old saying that ‘if it's too good to be true then it's not true’. If you find that the research paper being offered for sale is at an extraordinarily low or cheap price then this is because it could be some plagiarized essay. In other words the person or company selling the research paper online has stolen it, re-branded it and is offering it for sale to anyone silly enough to put up the money. This is definitely a time when you should not buy your research paper online.

When there is no guarantee on the deadline

We could talk at length about the quality of the writing in the research paper but even if it is superbly written and well worth the price being charged, if it doesn't arrive on time then it is of no use at all. Your school or college will have a deadline by which the research paper has to be handed in and if you don't make the deadline then your score will plummet. Make sure the company selling the research paper online guarantees it will be delivered on time.

When the company can't be contacted

Many online essay writing companies have impressive looking websites. They are easy to contact by email and of course payment is done online as well. But what if you wish to speak to a real person? Is there a phone number? And if you call that phone number will it be answered by a real person and not by a machine? This is very important because if you have a problem with the paper or a question about it and you can't make contact with the company to whom you paid your money, then that is a bad situation. Avoid buying a research paper from such an online company.

When plagiarism is rife

One very good way of finding out about the quality of the research papers being sold by a particular company is to ask one of its customers. Was the research paper provided plagiarism free? This is vitally important. If you submit a research paper which has in part or in whole, sections which have simply been copied and pasted then your research paper will not meet with success. Avoid dealing with any company which does not guarantee plagiarism free research papers.