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A List Of Terrible Controversial Research Topics That You Need To Avoid

If you have a research paper to write, there is a chance that your instructor will allow you to choose your own topic. While this does allow you a chance to explore a topic that truly interests you, it also means you must be considerate of your audiences’ opinions as well. Certain topics are too controversial to discuss in a classroom setting. It is best to avoid them in favor of topics that are more likely to get serious debate started, rather than ignite passions.

Why Avoid Them?

Every issue in our society does receive debate at some point. However, some tend to reach so deeply into our sense of who we are as a people and what we stand for that it makes it difficult for us to stand back and look at them objectively. In 1850, for example, slavery was a deeply controversial issue in the United States. Some states supported the practice, while others banned it from the very beginning of statehood. Time and compromise only seemed to increase the divisions, and finally, the country erupted into the Civil War. It took time, but eventually, Americans could discuss slavery without breaking into fisticuffs.

Topics to Avoid

Some controversial topics for research papers that are best to avoid writing about include

Is It Ever Acceptable to Discuss These Topics?

Though controversial, these topics do merit discussion. However, not every venue is appropriate for discussing them. A research paper demonstrates a specific writing skill, and/or debates an issue under discussion in the classroom. It should spark a lively discussion, and cause the class to think deeply about the issue and solutions to the problems it may pose. A research paper should not divide the members of the class to the point where they lose sight of the purpose of the discussion.

When choosing a topic for writing your paper, try asking five random people their views on the topic. If they respond without taking a few moments to think, you probably have asked a question that they feel passionate about, possibly too passionately to consider any pros and cons about the topic. You can also check online forums on the topic. If the responses involve intense arguments between participants, you probably have a topic that has deeply divided people.