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Term paper writing

There is sound evidence that term papers and graduate midterm projects are feared by most high school, college and university students. The fact is that if you know a few secrets and tips, these writing assignments can become easy as pie.

Research paper writing

Most college students do not have much troubles completing undergraduate research papers. However, as these assignments become more complex and require more in-depth research, a big problem arises. We have come up with a number of manuals to solve this issue.

Buying Term Papers Online

Buying term papers online can be a lifesaver, a pain in the rear, or a grade killer. Which one your term paper purchasing experience turns out to be for you depend on where you get your paper and the quality that the service returns.


This is always a concern. Most sites you could purchase a term paper from will promise you that their papers are plagiarism free. As a matter of fact, it’s often their primary selling point to purchase custom made papers from their services.

The problem in this case are sometimes the site could be on a “Get the money upfront before doing the work or sending it in” kind of policy. This means the buyer can’t use Copyscape or their plagiarism checker of choice to make sure the paper is legit.


Sometimes the prices can be steep—especially when you need the term paper in a short amount of time. If that is ever the case, expect to pay quite a bit per page. Rule of thumb is that it’s always best to do something early. This is true with buying term papers online. If they say “2 Weeks Til Deadline is $X amount” and that amount is lower than the price for getting it in roughly eight hours, then it’s a no brainer to just order your paper early.

“So how do I get a good experience?”

The way is to find sites — geared towards college students—and look around or ask around to see if anyone has used X service or Y service and what were their experiences. Never go by the testimonial on the site, they could’ve been written by the site themselves and they’re not particularly difficult to come up with:

“X Essay Writers gave me a great paper in a short amount time! I managed to get a high passing score! I’ll definitely use them again!”

You’ll see plenty of those on the site and in the comments session. It’s not to say that all of the comments are false, but you can never be too careful. If the site has a forum, look around there. A forum with actual discussion is a good sign that they’re on the up and up with their customers. Liken it to finding green vegetation and signs of animal life around a water source. That’s a good sign that the water is drinkable. The same rings true for an essay writing site having a community.