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Good Topics For A Research Paper

A research paper explores a topic that has an arguable issue. You then take a stand (thesis), one way or the other, on the issue. Your argument is supported by the research you have done and the evidence you have presented. 5 good topics for a research paper are described below:

1) Topic: Access to experimental medicine for terminal patients

Issue: Should terminal patients have access to experimental medication?
Thesis: Terminal patients should have access to experimental drugs under the supervision of a physician.

2) Topic: The moral responsibility of rehabilitating criminals using the public justice system

Issue: Does the moral responsibility of rehabilitating criminals lie with the public justice system?
Thesis: It is not the responsibility of the public justice system to rehabilitate criminals.

3) Topic: The measurement of the intelligence quotient (IQ)

Issue: Should IQ measurements be used to place students in upper level academic programs?
Thesis: It is morally unfair to use standardized IQ measurements to give students preferential academic placement.

4) Topic: Water Conservation

Issue: Is water conservation being given equal rights in the environmentalist movement?
Thesis: Water conservation is being ignored by environmentalists as a crucial preservation strategy.

5) Topic: Violence in Television

Issue: Youth are being adversely affected by violent programs on television
Thesis: Should violent programs be banned from television to prevent those programs from affecting youth?

Notice how all the topics are fairly broad and general. The issue is taken from the topic, but expressed in the form of a question. The thesis shows that the writer is taking a stand on the issue, showing what their argument is going to be.

These are somewhat simplified examples. You will want to choose a topic that you have a passionate interest in, and delve down as much as possible to find an issue that you can say something unique about. Don’t beat an old issue to death. Instead, find a new twist on an old idea.

Your research paper should be heavy on the research. Show that you performed a good hunt for supporting literature and events, and that your supporting statements are well documented. Your opening paragraph should pull the reader in and the concluding paragraph should leave them moved and thoughtful.

Choosing a good topic for your research paper is the starting point of the writing process and one of the most important elements to a winning research paper.