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10 Interesting Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Writing argumentative research papers can be a truly rewarding experience because it allows you to conduct extensive research and write on an issue you are truly passionate about. The trick is finding something you can articulate an opinion or argument on an issue. Here are 10 interesting topics for argumentative research papers you can use for your own writing or as inspiration to develop your own ideas:

Animal Testing on Criminals: Should tests we currently conduct on animals be tested on criminals serving life sentences or is this inhumane?

Advanced Age Driving Licenses: Should states be stricter about renewing/issuing driving licenses for people are advanced in their age? What should these legislation look like?

Internet Censorship: What role should internet censorship have in protecting people? Should people be allowed free access, within reason, to all information?

Birth Control Pill: Should more research be conducted on the long term effects that birth control pills can have on women? Is it a private issue or a community issue?

Health Insurance in the U.S.: What changes should the U.S. make to ensure more people can receive affordable quality health while not putting more stress on taxpayers?

Stem-Cell Research: There has been tremendous advancement in the field of stem-cell research, but should we be more careful about how soon we turn to this before considering all implications?

Limiting Children’s Internet Use: Should we try to limit children’s internet use to just a few hours each week? Or is internet use a valuable educational tool that needs to be introduced to children’s lives early for maximum effect?

Ban on Cloning: “Dolly” the first successful cloned animal lived healthily for several years before passing away for natural causes. Should bans on cloning be imposed or lifted in light of this success and the suggestion it has towards the eventual cloning of humans or human organs?

Misdiagnosing ADHD: In the last two decades there have been more reported cases of misdiagnosed ADHD than there have been at any other time in history. Should doctors be so quick to come to this conclusion and put children and teens on medication regiments that they might not need in the first place?

Divorce Counseling: Should states have stricter laws requiring married couples to attend divorce counseling for several months before they file for and go through with a divorce? Will couples hesitate to get married in the first place if divorce counseling was mandatory?