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Structure your Research Paper properly

Research paper will be outstanding only if it contains good data and information as well as it has strong structure. If a research paper has no proper structure then it will be of no use. All the research papers have three components for its completion.

  1. The introduction of research paper.
  2. The body and main content of research paper.
  3. Conclusion and recommendations of research paper.

The introduction of research paper:

Introduction is basically the first part of a research paper. The first paragraph of introduction describes the problem statement and research question on which overall research revolves. This part gives a background and history of the topic of research. It involves the main points and general ideas of your research paper. It is the synopsis of writer’s arguments. It focuses on main and leading points. The objectives of a writer are expressed in this part of research paper. Different questions like why he has chosen this topic for my research? What dimensions he has to cover in his research paper? In which way his research is different from past research?

The body and main content of research paper:

Body of a research paper is the main component of research paper. It describes the statements and answers of question in detail. To support your ideas you have to take help of facts, figures, examples, tables, graphs and charts. It increases the beauty of your research paper. Each paragraph written in the body of research paper should be differentiated by conclusion. Information relevant to one paragraph is written in the same. It is not written in the next paragraph. Next paragraph starts with a new idea different from the previous one. The methodology used in research paper writing is also written in one of the paragraph of body of research paper. If you have used primary research or secondary research means you have taken interviews or questionnaires. This component of research paper is very easy to write and it is usually written in past tense.

Conclusion and recommendations of research paper:

It is last and very important part of a research paper. It is a brief summary of what you have written in your research paper. The findings and results are also written in this part. Most of the times, a reader first reads the conclusion of a research paper. Recommendations and discussion are also a part of this component.