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A Term Paper Bought Online Can Be Plagiarized

There is a popular idiom that bears a simple truth. If it looks like it’s something, it probably is that something.

Many educators live by a similar maxim. If it looks like plagiarism, sounds like plagiarism, and has the tell-tale signs of plagiarism - it’s probably plagiarism.

A very real danger of buying a term paper online is that the content may not be totally original, or original at all. Term papers bought online can be plagiarized. As more students turn to the information highway that is the Internet, so will the constant influx of criminals, scammers, and just about anyone looking to make a quick buck at the expense of someone in need.

For students looking to buy a term paper online, it can be a real challenge to find a reliable source. This is especially so when the sellers have the students at a disadvantage. If questioned about the paper’s integrity, they can can’t really blame their seller.

This can be a precarious position, and requires a watchful eye.

But, that same maxim from before can be used by prospective buyers. If it looks like the term paper is plagiarized, it likely is.

If It Walks Like a Duck...

The distinctive waddle of a duck might be enough for some people. It’s a distinguishable trait that on its own has credence.

The same goes for a term paper. The prospective buyer will want to examine the services of the seller. If they look like someone that could be selling copied, or at the least lazily attributed papers, there’s good reason to go with that assumption.

If It Talks Like a Duck...

A teacher will catch on quick if term papers start using verbiage that a student never has used previously. Did they suddenly gain a vocabulary, or are they simply great “borrowers”?

A student can use a similar method while sourcing an online term paper. If it sounds like someone copied an online encyclopedia, another source, or a even another paper - they probably did.

If It Has Webbed Feet Like A Duck...

As if the first two clues weren’t enough, even the most unknowing of observers can pick out the uniqueness of webbed feet on a bird. While not regulated to just the duck, it’s a certainly a qualifier.

Students should be on the look out for the obvious sign that the term paper could be a crafty, or obvious, collection of ideas. It’s still plagiarism, even if it’s a sum of many parts.

It’s a Duck

The danger is most certainly there, but a watchful eye can pick out the copyists - particularly if all three are present.

Students looking to save themselves the work of a term paper, may get more than they bargained if they’re branded a plagiarist.