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5 Prompts For Creating An Outstanding Term Paper

When the time comes to write your term paper, figuring out how to begin is one of the biggest challenges. Choosing a topic to focus on to start the writing process requires some careful consideration. Not, choosing a great term paper topic could be extremely detrimental to your final grade. This is why we recommend that students use helpful writing prompts in order to inspire them.

5 Different Term Paper Writing Prompts

  1. How has “topic” impacted our lives? Is this good or bad
  2. Consider carefully how the topic that you have chosen has impacted society both in the past and in the future. Try to pinpoint and describe its significance based on how it affects our day-to-day lives. Then, deduce whether or not this is a positive or negative consequence.

  3. How has “topic” changed over the last decade?
  4. Think about your topic throughout history, has it changed or stayed the same and what is its background. Try to contemplate how your idea or topic has evolved over the last 10 years.

  5. What is the best thing about “your topic” how is it important to discuss?
  6. Carefully evaluate your choice topics importance and relevance in today’s world and try to pinpoint “why” it is a good topic to write about. Think carefully about what makes it unique and why people should be interested in reading about it.

  7. Is there a debate surrounding your “topic” what side of the argument are you on?
  8. Think about presenting a debate for your topic and choosing a side to defend. You may also wish to present both sides in your term paper and create a neutral exposition of why the debate is important for people to think about.

  9. How is the “topic” related to your area of study and why is this notable?
  10. Finally, you could always approach your term paper by explaining why the topic that you have chosen is important to your area of study and why you think it should be considered. You can provide examples presenting the link between your topic choice and other things that you have covered in the same class and what you have learnt.

Creating an outstanding term paper is all about creating an interesting paper that also demonstrates your understanding of the topics that you have been studying. Students can use writing prompts like these to help them think more deeply about what they want to write about. This will help them to compose more thoughtful and focused papers that will hopefully earn them a fantastic grade!