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Never Purchase Papers from unknown Sources

The option of purchasing a term paper online is almost always the last one. Being in a difficult position means the student might settle for less, buying papers from unknown sources because of financial reasons or time. This is a very dangerous trend and a direction that should never be taken.

Nothing good comes easy

They say when a deal is too good, the person involved should think twice about committing themselves to it. Sources or term papers that are easily found and provide the cheapest and most convenient services should not be trusted. Chances are that these people know what they are providing, and aim to entice customers with the easiest options so that there are no questions asked about quality.

Anyone can claim to sell papers

In the internet enabled world today, anybody with an active internet connection and a computer can claim to be selling term papers or writing them. Relationships developed online with vendors of any product depend mainly on trust and goodwill. Unknown writers do not have any precedence or guarantee that they will provide the best quality papers when their services are used.

Issues arising after buying the paper

After the purchase of the paper, there may be quality issue arising. If the writer uses one that is unknown, then they risk the person disappearing after the payout. In many writing services, the customer is allowed to submit their papers for revision if they find anything they consider unsatisfactory in it. Unknown writers can simply disappear, fail to respond or completely refuse to review the paper.


The motivation of many writers that sell papers is the payout that they get after the work. Not many care about the quality of the work they deliver, as they should. The misplaced priorities mean sometimes sell substandard papers, only thinking about the money. This might put the student in tough spot, because most of the time when they are buying their papers they are usually doing it as a last resort.


Writers that have a good reputation produce the best papers. They have something to lose, a good name built over time through the provision of quality work, timely delivery and the best conditions. For the newer writers, they have little or nothing to lose in their transactions. This means that they are not obliged to deliver the best work to the customer.

Using an unknown writer can be a huge inconvenience because there is the risk of ending up with a poorly done paper and absolutely no time to do anything about it.