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Purchasing Research Papers Online - Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of purchasing research papers online are pretty cut and dry. There’s very little gray area in “Should I do it? I shouldn’t do it.” If you need to do the paper and time is extremely tight, then you should purchase a research paper. Should you purchase a research paper period? No, you should do the paper yourself. Unless you have several jobs, high demand classes, several other essays to handle that you’re writing, and so on then you have no excuse not to write the research paper.

We’ll get into these pros and cons and help you make the decision in case you’re still uncertain about going through with these services.



Let’s face it; you’re paying someone to handle what you could’ve handled with even a minimal, shabby grasp of time management. With that said, there’s no complaining about how much these services change you to handle your research paper. If you don’t want to pay $192 for six-page research paper on the consequences of the Civil War in the late 19th century, then you should handle the paper yourself.

Industry standards for essay writing don’t exist for the most part. For the most basic of essays with plenty of time left to do them in, you could look at somewhere below $20 in most cases.

No Measurement of Quality

You would have to find a message board, a review site, or something of that nature to find out how good the site is from other students who have used it. The site itself is half and half reliable enough to go on. It’s best not to use testimonials from the site or anything. The samples will only show that they have capable writers, but the essays could’ve been taken from elsewhere and spun.

Also consider that while they have different levels of writers offered, you honestly don’t know how they differ. It’s not like you’re going to buy two page research papers from each level and compare and contrast. Their premium level could be the same as their standard level only they count in proof reading.


The only pro here is that you don’t have to deal with the paper itself. You pay the price and the research paper is out of mind until it’s completed. You just have to check in with the writers and give feedback where required.