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What to do before Writing a Chemistry Research Paper

When you begin your chemistry research paper you may find yourself facing a few questions or asking yourself what is the next step. You can get a few ideas based on thinking about actions you should complete before writing that may help later when you start your rough draft. Sometimes it can be confusing trying to determine what you should do before getting started. It is obvious you should research your topic and take notes. But, there are other aspects that students tend to forget about before they start writing. The following points are important to consider as they can help make the writing process easier.

  1. Identify audience. You should know the audience and the content they will expect from your topic. Understanding your audience is important because this will impact your research and the information you decide to use.
  2. Understanding where you should begin. Some students get confused on what they should do at the beginning of the writing process. This may vary depending on the student and how they wish to tackle the project. You can choose to make an outline that will break up your paper into smaller tasks. You can choose to make a list of resources you will need. You can start researching your topic if you already have it selected. A good start with proper planning can make a difference in the end.
  3. Select an interesting topic. This point alone is known to cause students trouble and even lose time working on their research paper. The subject of chemistry has so many topics you can consider. It is a matter of knowing your interests and how to ensure you can write about your topic effectively. If you are given a topic that is less interesting you may need to figure out how to make it fun for you.
  4. What type of research are you doing? Is your essay argumentative or analytical? The type of essay you are expected to write can make a difference on how you approach the project. Your guidelines or instructions should provide insight on how the essay should be completed. Then, you can determine you next course of action based on what you may need to write about your topic in an effective manner.
  5. Get samples to read and study. Sample papers can help you with topic ideas, how to write your research paper and more.