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How to Write a Thesis Statement for Research Paper

The thesis statement is the brain for the whole body of your research paper. Without a good thesis, the rest of your paper will be unclear, it may jump around, and it may not be appealing enough for the reader to get past the first two paragraphs. If you are ready to jump onto a new topic for an essay, there are a few simple suggestions from that can help you craft a concise statement that will help the rest of your writing flow.

Define Your Topic

First, you have to choose a topic that you can write about. Never heard of the topic? That is okay too. Just ask yourself what you want to know. If you need to do a little research ahead of time to figure out what would be a good point to focus on, and allow yourself time to do this. Formulating a good thesis takes time, and a good one will help you write several body paragraphs quickly.

Questions to Statements

The first sentence of each body paragraph is called a topic sentence. That is what each paragraph is going to specifically be about. Each one of your topic sentences should relate to your thesis statement directly. If you need to start with the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of your thesis topic to get your topic sentences rolling, you can end up turning these questions into points about your thesis.

Know What Kind of Essay Your Are Writing

A persuasive essay will have a different thesis than an expository. Knowing what kind of paper you need to write will help you develop the tone of your primary statement. If you are trying to convince your reader to believe something, state in your thesis several reasons why what you have to say is the truth. If it is an expository essay, your thesis can simply be a statement of a few key points that you are trying to make about your chosen topic.

Writing a thesis statement is not as hard as some people are lead to believe. Yes, it is the most important part of your essay. However, if you break it apart into topic sentences, and then sum all of your body paragraphs up into one statement and stick it in as the last sentence of your introduction, you have your thesis statement. When you are done with your essay, make sure that your topic sentences all relate back to your thesis and you will have a clear and organized essay that the reader may be more enticed to read.