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Writing Term Papers: Placing Citations

When writing term papers, it can be very important to know the different styles of essay writing and, therefore, to know which style of essay writing you should use your particular piece of work. The different styles of writing often involve different ways of placing citations within your work. Therefore, understanding the different ways to formatting essay can affect how you going make any citations within your work.

Examples of the different styles include:

Why the correct use of citations is important

Papers are marked on the style as well as the content. Different types of writing, such as non-journalistic or scholarly approaches, will generally conform to a certain style. These styles are used not just in an academic career, but in a professional career to, so learning and understanding how they work can be important.

The importance of using citation in term papers

It is important to understand the correct usage of citations, but it is also important to know why there is a need for citations in the first place. First and foremost, if you do not use citations within your term paper, it may come across as plagiarism. You are allowed to refer to other sources within term papers; however, you are not allowed to simply copy what has been written from another paper, journal, book or any other sort of source that you may be using.

Punishments for plagiarism can be quite heavy as it is seen as one the most severe forms of cheating available. Therefore, it is essential that you will avoid any risks of being seen as having plagiarised work. It is not uncommon for academic establishments to, at the very least, give you a zero mark for any work that they feel has been plagiarised; however, punishments can even extend to failing a whole course and even getting dismissed from that particular establishment.

If you have used citations in your essay, then you can avoid the risks of plagiarism. However, you can still get marked down if you do not cite the work in the correct manner according to the style of essay writing that you are meant to conform to. The differences between the citations can involve how you write an author’s name and other relevant aspects to the citation. Be sure to check beforehand that in you work, each of your citations has been used correctly.