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How to create a decent term paper from scratch

What is a term paper?

A term paper is typically turned in at the very end of an academic semester (also known as a term) at a college or university. Usually, students are expected to work on term papers throughout the entire semester, conducting research, reading primary sources, making notes, and composing material. As a result, a term paper should be quite lengthy and detailed, and should reflect a high level of sophistication and intellectual depth.

With such high expectations in place, it is no small wonder that term papers present a very daunting task. If you are prone to procrastination and stress, a term paper may seem like an impossible ordeal. Perhaps you are weeks or even months behind on your term paper project, with no clear end in sight. Or perhaps your grade hinges on turning in an immaculate paper. No matter the circumstances, it is possible to create a wonderful term paper from scratch, in a relatively short span of time. Follow these steps.

Focus on Important Information Only

Even if you have a whole semester to do research, you should not waste your time reading irrelevant minutiae. Focus in on a particular subtopic; get as specific as possible. Then compile as many resources and readings on this subject as you can. Use resources from in class, as well as references, archival works, journal articles, and sources located on the internet. Collect more resources than you think you need.

As you scan through the material, remove anything that is not directly related to the topic you will be writing about. Take notes on relevant information and copy down your notes so you do not have to refer back to the original source. Scan every document and throw it out of your resource pile if it seems remotely tangential to the subject. Do not waste time reading obscure facts about unrelated topics.

Write with Devotion, on a Schedule

After you have amassed some basic research on which to build your term paper, you should embark on a weekly writing schedule. You may not feel like writing regularly, but if you work gradually on the task, you will accomplish it with less stress and have plenty of time to spare. Schedule time to write every couple of days, and when the time comes, sit down with your research and your computer and write ceaselessly. Do not pause to edit or second guess yourself. You can do that later. Focus on chipping away at the task and building an incredible term paper.