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A Short List Of Interesting And Unusual Public Administration Research Paper Topics

Political and public administration topics can be difficult for students to figure out on their own. This list will help them figure out an intriguing, original topic for their research papers.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a huge political topic today, and it’s interesting because there are few precedents for how it can be dealt with in the sphere of public administration. It’s a great topic for those with an interest in technology, as well, and there’s plenty of source material out there outlining the issues surrounding it and speculating on the future of it.

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Drug Control Policies

Drug control policies are interesting from a public administration standpoint not only because of current events surrounding them, but because historically they have shifted and changed dramatically in fairly short time periods. The student could look at current events, involving the legalization of certain drugs, for example. Or they could look at past control efforts, like Prohibition or the beginning of the current classification system for different drugs.


There are many different immigration related topics. Changes in immigration over the past centuries and between different nations offer an interesting look at how public administration has chosen to become more involved in the immigration procedure. Look at the reasons for these changes, and the things which affected those reasons. From public sentiment to economic causes, the public administration of immigration is a constant balancing act.

Health Care Reform

Of course, this is a hot topic in the United States right now, but it is also an intriguing topic if one looks at how public administration approached health care in the past, and how it is addressed by different countries around the world.

Public Administration and the Environment

From the EPA to the National Parks System there are many ways in which the environment has played an important role in public administration. It is a particularly interesting topic because of how many different groups are sometimes involved; the environment affects everyone, and public administrators must take that fact into account.

The Death Penalty

Another great topic that offers plenty of perspectives both from a modern and a historical point of view. The death penalty is intertwined with public administration, criminal justice, culture, history, and even religion. It’s a great jumping off point for the student who wants to delve into any one of these subtopics.

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