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Research Paper Abstract Writing Prompts

Many students turn to sample research papers to give them an idea of how to format and write their own paper. It can be quite an accomplishment to get all the research and writing done, craft the abstract and make the title page and everything else that’s required.

If it seems like a challenge, it can certainly be. There are citations and references to do as well. Formatting is an important part of a great paper. It can be an easy way to make extra marks, because it’s not ambiguous. Just obtain the required writing style manual, for example APA style, and follow it exactly.

How to use writing prompts?

First of all, what is a writing prompt? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s usually a list of questions that prompt you to think of something to write. These prompts can lead your thinking in a certain direction.

Today, there is a great emphasis in schools on teaching students to be great writers. A writing prompt is one of the tools used to see how the student can formulate and explore ideas on paper.

Take the list of writing prompts and read the first question. Immediately write down what comes to mind. Let your mind explore that thought for a few minutes, writing down the important points before moving on to the next question.

Follow this process until all the questions have been answered. Some teachers only use one question as a writing prompt. In this case, you will have to explore your answer in greater depth.

How to write a good abstract?

The abstract can make or break your paper. It’s almost as crucial as the paper itself. Professional journals publish their authors abstracts as a way to entice readers to read the entire article. Many times these articles come with a fee, so the writer must be very diligent in writing an abstract that really sells their article.

Students also must learn to write great abstracts. It should be well written, include important information and convey an unbiased picture of what the research paper is all about. It must include the research question, and give a summary of the methods and results covered in the paper.

The abstract can’t be written until after the entire paper has been finished. It must use the paper as the basis for what will be included.