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How to Write a Simple Conclusion for a Term Paper

A term paper is a research paper done by a student over the course of an academic term. It accounts for a large part of the student’s grade for the semester or term. This type of paper usually describes an event, argues a point, or talks about a concept. A term paper must be an original discussion of the topic. The paper is due at the end of the semester, therefore giving the student plenty of time to write about their topic in detail.

How to Write a Term Paper

You should take the same steps in writing a term paper as you would with any other research paper. A term paper is essentially a long research paper, so you should do more research, investigate the topic more thoroughly, and try to use more sources for your research. You have a semester to work on this research paper, there’s no excuse for it to be short, for you not to be extremely knowledgeable of the subject you are discussing, or for the paper not to be well written.

Format A term paper should be in the same format as a research paper:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs-
  • Usually there are 3 body paragraphs, but in this case many more will be needed to make the term paper as long as it needs to be.

  • Conclusion


The conclusion’s job is to wrap it up and to summarize the paper in one final paragraph. There are a few things you must do to have an effective conclusion:

It is very important that no new information is added into the conclusion. It should only contain information from the rest of the paper.

If you need help on your conclusion, ask someone for assistance. Since you have plenty of time to write, you have time to work with your teacher outside of class or to set up a meeting with someone in the writing center. They will help you find a way to summarize your paper and write a strong conclusion.